Nikon Unveiled Nikon 1 V2 Camera on October 24

Nikon Unveiled Nikon 1 V2 Camera on October 24
On October 24, 2012, Nikon announced the official release of interchangeable lens camera Nikon 1 V series models, Nikon 1 V2, which has brought a variety of new image expression.

With a built-in eye-level electronic viewfinder, Nikon 1 V2, a second-generation mirrorless camera, was officially announced by Nikon on October 24, 2012, which is bound to bring a new visual feast to camera enthusiasts.

Despite compact body, it loads a new image processor EXPEED 3A and 1,425 million effective pixels CMOS image sensor, which provides users with high-speed auto-focus function , higher pixels, faster speed and better performance. V2 also has a series of characteristics, such as loaded with a real-time image controller in a bit to preview the picture before shooting when camera setting is changed.

Extremely compact and lightweight, the new V2 compact interchangeable-lens camera from Nikon attempts to strike a balance between the company’s more compact V1 and its more capable DSLRs. It’s a bit larger, but it transcends its predecessor in several ways.

On the hardware aspect, firstly, CMOS is upgraded and effective pixels rise to 14.25 million from10 million of V1, with the ISO range of 160-6400. Besides, the image processor is changed to EXPEED 3A and it supports i-TTL built-in flash and it has a mode dial more than V1. In addition, delay is shorter due to the improvement of eye-level electronic viewfinder. Though users have to purchase another adapter the V2 supports the WI-FI and can show better performance when matched with other camera rigs.

Then the software aspects, first of all, the camera is able to capture a series of still images and play back in slow motion, so that users choose the best moment and the freeze into a single photo. Secondly, the improvement of intelligent photo selection algorithm achieves more effective camera damping function and more precise body motion recognition capabilities.

Finally, on appearance and weight, users will found handle position redesigned and equipped standard head, battery and SD card of about 107.8 ?? 81.6 ?? 45.9 mm. Weighting about 337 grams, lighter50 grams than that of V1, it nearly successful loss weight.

This new camera will be available in two kit configurations starting in November, with a 10-30mm zoom lens for $900, whose focal length multiplier is 2.7X, and in a two-lens kit (with the 10-30mm zoom lens and a 30-100mm zoom lens) for $1150. The Nikon 1 V2 will be priced at $800 for the body only.

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Mobile Computing- Indispensable Part of Our Lives Today

Mobile Computing- Indispensable Part of Our Lives Today
Connectivity with the outside world is given utmost priority today. No matter where one travels, his connection with his friends should not get hampered at any cost. Everyone wants to be connected with their friends, family and work, even when they are in motion. Technology has grown so fast and to such higher levels that keeping an account of them seems absolutely difficult to maintain. So, even when one is not in front of his computer or at his workstation, he can still be in contact with his friends and employees, thanks to the advancement in technological devices and gadgets. These portable gadgets and devices have helped the world come together and communicate with each other through the means of internet. As though notebooks and laptops weren’t enough, with the introduction of I-phones and blackberry in the market, there seems to be no dis-connectivity between individuals, especially those who are on the go for business purposes. With the help of Wi-Fi and other wireless connections by various service providers, connecting to laptops and cellphones seems to be absolutely simply and easy.

Radio waves are used to transmit signals by a router to a defined area. If one does not encrypt it, then anyone can access it. You will usually find such settings at cyber cafes and other public hotspots. By staying within the defined range, you can easily use their connection. Other than Wi-Fi, the other is the cellular broadband internet connection that comes along the modem.

With the help of mobile computing, one can easily travel carefree without stressing himself about his work or visibility amongst his loved ones. Today, life cannot be imagined without the freedom of having free access on the internet. It has created a niche for itself in the market, making portability a way of life. Productivity is always on the rise as one is not restricted to work from a fixed place rather they can work while in motion as well. Communicating with others has been made absolutely easy and simple through SMS texting, calling and sending MMSes easily.

However, as they say “Every rose has its thorns”, similarly with the ease to access and being portable, mobile computing also brings along many other kind of threats for being in motion. Firstly, if the bandwidth isn’t sufficient, then it might pose a problem to the ones using it and that might result into overall lower productivity. Use while on-the-go can only be done if the device has enough power back up else there would be no use of such advanced technology. Also, they are subject to change, that is, the accessibility and transmission depends upon the location and its weather conditions, signal point and terrain. One of the biggest threats that mobile computing brings is the security hazard that it possesses.

Being mobile all the time also means that social engineers and other hackers can easily keep a track on your device and access them in a wrong way, which can lead to many unethical activities such as theft of confidential detailed and data. Appointing powerful and effective IT security systems in your devices would prove to be highly beneficial and prevent data breaches.

Android Tablet Meets Various Institutional Needs

Android Tablet Meets Various Institutional Needs
Android tablets are now considered to be the coolest devices that allow various features. This super portable, light and enormous touch screen is a pleasure to watch web videos. We all know that laptops are very heavy and are at times not very handy. The release of android tablet and android tablet applications are beneficial for various institutions, it is gaining popularity day by day. What most people do not know about android is the fact that unlike iPads, it is simply a common name for a wide variety of devices manufactured by different companies.

Android tablet application programming has made it easier for various institutions to handle their regular activities. Educational organizations are willingly incorporating the latest android applications and with different types of technologies launched in the market, teachers are using tablets to keep their students engaged in their classrooms. Android tablets are available for educational sectors and teachers have found better means to educate their students. Android tablet applications development enables the students to find information in the web at their fingertips and they can look at references during their science lessons. They can easily prepare themselves for the lectures and also download educational apps for use. These applications range from reading, games, math and on hand dictionary. They act as great means to expand their learning experience for the students.

Getting to know the benefits of android tablet

Android tablets are of great use for various institutions as this innovative gadget bridges the gap between laptops and ipads. If you still have a doubt and are not aware of the benefits of using an android tablet then let’s discuss some of the main features of this wonderful gadget.

Android tablets are very much portable and they come in the length of an A4 size paper that means it can easily fit in the back pack. They are light and very easy to carry and does not weight more than a note book. Students and executives can easily carry it with them while on travel. The prices of android tablets are also cheaper than iPads and laptops. With various android tablet application developments; it performs faster compared to iPads or galaxy tablets. The device has a storage capacity of 8 GB initially and it can be expanded to 32 GB and some other specifications include the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, 3G options and GPS. You get unlimited access to the internet and so you don’t have to be upset with your phone bills. It is ideal for travelers and students and you don’t have to worry about your batteries getting depleted. This helps various institutions to carry out their functions smoothly.

Android tablet application development enables students and others to read their favorite novels, ebooks, listen to music and watch movies. This gadget also helps kids to enjoy games and practice worksheets that help them to get good grades in their exams. With cam and camcorder facilities you can also take photos and videos anytime you require.

The Latest Tech News!

The Latest Tech News!
To all our Dubai youth out there working or studying hard 2012 is almost coming to an end so what do we think were the best tech gadgets of this year? Our Youth to Marketing agency Dubai decided to find out by asking around among our young talented Dubai youth and those working in a marketing or advertising agency or some other form of media.

This year we have seen so many fantastic electronic gadgets developed as the world of technology keeps growing at a rapid rate. We know our Dubai youth communities love their electronic devices so we thought you would like to know the hot list.

According to US Time magazine the iPhone 5 was the top of their list, which also included other Apple products. However there are mixed reviews among our Dubai youth and in our marketing agency as most of us love the Apple Mini iPad and some rate the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 also.

Internet marketing has opened up so many new avenues for an advertising agency to market brands that almost every worker has either the iPhone 5 or brand equivalent and some form of tablet which gives them more versatility. No one is chained to the desk any more which is appealing to our Dubai youth. Plus our young generation have grown up with technology and are at the beat of what works best for them in their role.

The hot list from US Time magazine:

Just a couple of surprises there as no Apple Mini iPad, Kindle Fire, or the Samsung 85 inch TV, however 2013 is promising to be even more exciting as the competition speeds up. Here at Youth to Marketing Agency Dubai we know that all new technology will be even more complex and exciting next year.

To all our Dubai youth communities we welcome your views on what you think will be hot and what will not! This article was written exclusively for Youth to Marketing Agency Dubai.