Mobile Computing- Indispensable Part of Our Lives Today

Mobile Computing- Indispensable Part of Our Lives Today
Connectivity with the outside world is given utmost priority today. No matter where one travels, his connection with his friends should not get hampered at any cost. Everyone wants to be connected with their friends, family and work, even when they are in motion. Technology has grown so fast and to such higher levels that keeping an account of them seems absolutely difficult to maintain. So, even when one is not in front of his computer or at his workstation, he can still be in contact with his friends and employees, thanks to the advancement in technological devices and gadgets. These portable gadgets and devices have helped the world come together and communicate with each other through the means of internet. As though notebooks and laptops weren’t enough, with the introduction of I-phones and blackberry in the market, there seems to be no dis-connectivity between individuals, especially those who are on the go for business purposes. With the help of Wi-Fi and other wireless connections by various service providers, connecting to laptops and cellphones seems to be absolutely simply and easy.

Radio waves are used to transmit signals by a router to a defined area. If one does not encrypt it, then anyone can access it. You will usually find such settings at cyber cafes and other public hotspots. By staying within the defined range, you can easily use their connection. Other than Wi-Fi, the other is the cellular broadband internet connection that comes along the modem.

With the help of mobile computing, one can easily travel carefree without stressing himself about his work or visibility amongst his loved ones. Today, life cannot be imagined without the freedom of having free access on the internet. It has created a niche for itself in the market, making portability a way of life. Productivity is always on the rise as one is not restricted to work from a fixed place rather they can work while in motion as well. Communicating with others has been made absolutely easy and simple through SMS texting, calling and sending MMSes easily.

However, as they say “Every rose has its thorns”, similarly with the ease to access and being portable, mobile computing also brings along many other kind of threats for being in motion. Firstly, if the bandwidth isn’t sufficient, then it might pose a problem to the ones using it and that might result into overall lower productivity. Use while on-the-go can only be done if the device has enough power back up else there would be no use of such advanced technology. Also, they are subject to change, that is, the accessibility and transmission depends upon the location and its weather conditions, signal point and terrain. One of the biggest threats that mobile computing brings is the security hazard that it possesses.

Being mobile all the time also means that social engineers and other hackers can easily keep a track on your device and access them in a wrong way, which can lead to many unethical activities such as theft of confidential detailed and data. Appointing powerful and effective IT security systems in your devices would prove to be highly beneficial and prevent data breaches.

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