Yahoo Extends Search Decline to Eight Months

Yahoo Extends Search Decline to Eight Months
The share of the US search engine market of Yahoo is continuing its downward spiral, which has started eight months past in September, as reported by comScore, although Experian Hitwise has a different perspective.

The search of Yahoo has fallen to 13.5 percent in April, which has gone down from 13.7 in March, which are both new lows for this company. Last April, the search market for Yahoo’s share is at 15.9 .

But then Yahoo showed both monthly as well as year-over-year gains, according to the Hitwise figure. Yahoo had noted 15.69 of searches in April, coming up from 14.99 in March, which would also be an increase over April’s 14.61 share.

Both comScore as well as Experian had said that Yahoo’s search partner Bing, which is behind the organic and paid search results, taking up the search market share in April. Bing has placed up the share from 15.3 in March going up to 15.4 in April as stated by ComScore or 13.49 in March up to 14.32 in April, as stated by Experian Hitwise.

Though the news that the Bing-powered search has made 30 percent had garnered headlines, it would be nothing new, as Bing-powered search has gone to that mark in March 2011, as stated by Experian Hitwise. For April, comScore had made the report that Bing-powered searches had kept steady, which has accounted for 25.9 of all searches, but nowhere compared to the 68.7 percent of searches Google had powered in April. Speaking of Google, much of the search engine had seen slight gain too, which would account for 66.5 of searches in April, which was up from 66.4 in March, as reported by comScore. Google had once again come close to a hit of the biggest recorded search share of 66.6 percent for the second time, last viewed in December 2010.

Once more, Experian Hitwise has given a slightly various picture, making a report that Google had gone down to 64.42 in April (which was down 66.69 percent in March) and down 67.82 year-per-year.

Placing the bottom of the search engine rankings, Ask and AOL are in steady at April, at 3 and 1.6 percent, respectively, as comScore had stated.

More than 17.1 billion explicit core searches had been made in April, which had been down from 18.4 billion. Rounding the bottom of the search engine rankings, Ask and AOL had kept steady in April at 3 and 1.6 , as stated by comScore.

In excess of 17.1 billion explicit core searches had been made in April which were down from 18.4 billion last March. Google had been in first place with 11.4 billion searches, down from 12.2 billion last March, Bing with 2.6 billion, which had gone down in 2.8 billion, Yahoo with 2.3 billion, which was down from 2.5 billion, Ask with 511 million, which was down from 555 million and AOL with 271 million, which was down from 285 million.

Hitwise also had made a report on the click percentages that had been broken down by search keyword type. Longer queries of about five-to-eight words had gone up by 2 in April in comparison to March, while the number of the searches for one word had gone up 19 from 24.11 percent to 28.63 on a yearly basis, largely due to mobile search.

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